Students’ Union

  1. Conditions to be met by a Member of the Union:
    -To be an Egyptian citizen.
    -Be good behavior.
    -To be paid for Union fees.
    -To be active in the candidate committee, excluding students of the first class.
    -Should he not have been sentenced to a restricted freedom penalty or decided to drop his membership or suspend his membership in one of the student associations and committees.
    -The councils and committees of the union shall be elected no later than November of each year.
    How to apply for the elections of the Union:
    -The form for the elections is withdrawn from the Department of Youth Welfare at the College.
    -The form shall be written and signed by the students’ affairs and youth care. D. Dean of the College and conclude.
    -The form is submitted to the Department of Youth Welfare at the College.
    The decision of the President of the University to determine the dates and schedule of the elections.
    No student has the right to cast his vote unless he is bound by the voters’ roster and holds personal proof and payment of the fees.
    – The Dean of the College shall form the committees to oversee the conduct of the elections by a decision of his sovereignty.
    -The Youth Welfare Authority shall prepare, equip and supervise the elections.
    If the student union cannot be formed for any reason, D) The Dean of the College shall issue a decision to appoint the College Students Union of outstanding students who have a prominent activity and which include good conduct.
    The Student Union Council shall be formed annually by the Dean of the Faculty or by his representative from among the members and members of the faculty.
    Pioneers of the committees of the Council of the Union of faculty members.
    Trustees and secretaries of the committees of the Council of the Federation of students and the students elected “members of the Council,” including a secretary and assistant secretary of the Council and attend the meetings of the Council of the President of Youth Welfare and be treasurer.
     Student Families
  2. Student Families is an organization that emanates from the Committee of Families in the College Students Union. It aims to develop the spirit of cooperation between the students as well as between them and their professors and to expand the base of social, cultural, artistic and sports student activities that help students to refine their talents and develop their abilities and skills and invest their free time. Each family establishes the number of committees that organize activities such as the social, cultural, sports or trips committee, with each committee having a specific curriculum and a specific program.

 The Composition of Students’ Families:

1. The registration of families for each college shall be opened during the first month of the academic year. The last date for the adoption of the families from the university shall be at the end of December of each year.

2. The student of the family course, together with a student representing each faculty, shall apply to one of the faculty members for their desire to form a family headed by his / her sovereignty and attached to the objectives of the family and the specific program of activity and sources of funding for the family.

3. The faculty member shall study the program and propose the amendments that he considers to be in line with the university spirit, traditions, and customs prevailing in the university environment.

4. The application shall be presented after the study to Mr. D / Dean of the College on the taking of special procedures and submit to the University for approval of the composition of the family and take the following actions:

 The Department of Youth Welfare of the College announces that the family is clearly visible to all students through bulletin boards and student gatherings within a maximum period of one week from the date of approval of the school. Dr. Dean of the College.

A student who wishes to join the family in person may apply for a form prepared by the youth, stating the name, group, address and accredited student affairs in the college. The student may not join the student who is applying for admission to the family.
The number of students in the family shall not be less than fifty members and not more than 75 members.
The names are based on  Dean of the College and send all family papers for adoption by the university and do not carry out the family activity only after the adoption of the university.
A family that violates the specified program of its activity or contravenes the regulations governing student work shall be entitled to the dean of the faculty and the university administration to cease its activity and cancel its formation.
Each family has a board
Every year, each household reports on its activities and relies on  Pioneer of the family and presents to The Dean of the College who is responsible for the preparation of a comprehensive report on all families and the University
Young Researchers Conference.