Faculty’s hostels

In accordance with the directives of the university officials, the university cities were able to absorb the largest number of students and expatriates, in order to facilitate the parents and ease the burden on families and their families.

The university cities did not become living quarters of housing and nutrition for male and female students. Their role and concept went beyond a broader concept that included various aspects of social, cultural, artistic, sports and medical care, as well as the development of human and family ties between supervision and students. Social and social rights of the student or the student to the best of guidance and guidance and according to a list showing the student what rights and duties in a society in which everyone is melting in one crucible whether supervisor or student or official so that the student feels safe and secure, All of their creative energies, whether educational, cultural or sporting, are proud of their nation and university cities when they graduate.

Coordination & housing procedures:

The website of the university is announced on the website of the university on the date of admission to university cities and admission requirements.
The Coordination Office for Admission to University Cities is established annually and it is the result of specialized committees to review and refine the published statements on the net and the names of those who are accepted and answer the student inquiries and finalize the procedures of the data forms that are approved by the college and provided by the city students.
Complete all required data in the form prepared by the city and approved by the college
The admission process for the new students shall be submitted within fifteen days of the announcement of the coordination result of the secondary school for each stage of each year. The beginning and end of the stages of progress of the different types of the competent authority shall be announced at the University.
The accommodation shall be in accordance with the schedules declared by the General Directorate of Cities, specifying the dates of residence for the different faculties and shall be announced through the University Portal.
The right of the student to stay in residence shall be dropped if he does not apply for lodging within fifteen days from the date of lodging in the schedules stated on the university’s electronic portal.
Cases received after the date of the work of the Coordinating Bureau shall be coordinated individually and immediately settled in the case of empty spaces.
Admission to university cities

Conditions of acceptance for old students:

The old students (residents of the previous year in the city) who wish to continue living in cities should accept the preference of appreciation and after the place in accordance with the available places. The students do not accept the deposits, transformers or married.

For students who have not been in the previous year (from outside the city), they are required to accept the preferred rating and after the place of residence and according to the available places.

 Admission for students:

 Students accept the latest developments according to the place of residence.

The students of Menia governorate are accepted according to the distance of the centers and villages according to the schedules announced at the time on the electronic portal and take into consideration the children of the villages that require travel long distances.

Students who have previously completed their previous year’s residence at the university city and who have received a good evaluation at least after the place of residence are accepted.
Accepting new students who are subject to the rules of age declared and only after the place of residence.
Students who have not been accepted for the previous year (from outside the city) are required to accept at least a very good estimate, as well as by distance and availability.

General conditions for admission to university hostels:

-The applicant mustn’t be from Aswan .

-Applicants must be regular, unmarried and transferred to the higher education.

– Exemption from the requirement of admission as regular students in the cases of medical disability approved (polio – blind – amputation of one or both legs) and except in such cases requires the report of the General Medical Board.

-The applicant hasn’t  been imposed to any  disciplinary punishment inside or outside the hostel  (final separation).