Dean’s Speech

My sons and daughters, the family of the Faculty of Commerce, the faculty members and the administrative team of the faculty.
With the dawning of a new academic year (2021-2022), I would like to extend my best wishes to you for a successful academic year that carries hope for a bright future.
With great pride and happiness, I welcome you to this scientific edifice, which we hope will continue to do distinguished work in all fields and specializations of the college

Since its establishment until now, to push the college’s long-standing march towards further development and advancement in all sectors of higher education, scientific research, community service and environmental development.

The university is a free platform for democratic dialogue, objective discussion and a correct understanding of all scientific principles. It is also the strong, close relationship between the student and the professor, which arises in the stands and research halls through dialogue, listening and discussion, and the faculty members of the college are all listening ears and enlightened minds to your opinions and suggestions, and you will find everything that benefits you through scientific discussion and lectures

Students who wish to further scientific research, research and reading will find the college library wide open with its multiple departments all to serve the students to solve all obstacles and help them to devote themselves to scientific study as well as satisfy their various desires by caring for the college and university youth

I reiterate all my thanks to the family of the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration, professors and administrators, and all members of the faculty, one by one, who spare no effort and spare no time to reach our college to its prestigious position among the faculties.
I am absolutely certain and confident in your concerted efforts to serve the college community.

May God guide us and you to the path of success and success, and we ask Him, Glory be to Him, to protect our land, people and leadership from all harm and evil.

God grants success …

Prof. Hassan Amin Al-Shaqti

Dean of the College