Aswan University President: Digital Transformation Makes Aswan University a Smart University

Prof Ahmad Ghallab Mohamed Aswan university president witnessed meeting of Special Commission of Assessor for transforming the Egypt universities to smart universities that by the attend of members of committee representatives of ministry of higher education, Higher University Council, Ministry of Telecommunications, Dr. Magdy  Mohammed Ali Vice President of the University for helping society and develop environment and Dr .Mohammed  Eid the manager of University Information Center and Communications Network .

University president stressed for the importance of digital transformation and make on implementation The State orientations the Ministry of higher Education and Scientific Research, in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications, to transform Egyptian universities into smart universities.

Aswan university president add that Aswan University has a good elements of infrastructure and Internet availability which appeared The University of Aswan achieves advanced centers in international scientific classifications and the University works within the framework of achieving the vision and strategy of Egypt for comprehensive development 2030.

Prof .Ahmad Ghallab discussed through meeting university requires transforming Aswan University to smart university. The committee will make Three-day interviews at the university to find out the requirements of The University to transform Aswan University to smart university.

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