Aswan University Holds Press Conference Celebrating Getting Advanced Global Ranks

 Today corresponding to 27th Sep. 2021, Aswan University held a conference to announce the details of Aswan University’s achievements regarding getting advanced global ranks for 3 consecutive years. The event was attended by Aswan governor Maj. Gen. Ashraf Ateya, Aswan university acting president Prof. Ayman Othman, chairman of Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport – Aswan branch -, Dr. Atta Allah Hashad and a number of faculty deans.   Maj. Gen. Ashraf Ateya said that Aswan university and Aswan governorate are two sides of the same coin where the governorate provides assistance to the university for accomplishing its advanced scientific and research career as the house of expertise which provides technical and scientific consultation and positive interaction with surrounding society.   For his part, Prof. Ayman Othman said that Aswan university appeared among the best 500 universities worldwide as it was enrolled in the category 401- 500 according to Times Higher Education Rankings 2022. Aswan university ranked 1st regarding citation for the 2nd consecutive year thanks to Aswan university’s graduate studies and research sector’s plan, the university’s ranking unit as well as the development in scientific research infrastructure.   Moreover, Dr. Mohammed Abd Al Azizi, faculty of engineering vice dean and the head of the university ranking office, added that Aswan university is the only one which appeared among the best 500 global ones according to the current edition of THE ranking 2022 where it ranked 1st regarding achieving sustainable development goals 2021 as it achieved the 95th place among the 100 best universities around the globe.   At the end of the conference Prof. Ayman Othman and Maj. Gen. Ashraf Ateya exchanged Shields, some university leaders were honored and souvenir photos were taken.  

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