Preparations of Aswan University for the next academic year 2020/2021

Prof.Ahmed Ghallab Mohammed– Aswan University President stated that the administration of the university has taken all the precautionary and protective measures to confront the emerging corona virus , and will never compromise with applying the university’s plan inside the various sectors and administrations of the university which coincides with the continuous of State to prevent the spreading of corona virus to ensure the safety of our students with the lunching of the new academic year 2020/2021 that’s decided the next 17 October. 

Dr.Ahmed Ghallab added the university works on the continuation in carrying out the strategic plan of preserving those who belong to Aswan University such as academic staff, workers and students, throughout sterilizing all the educational and administrative buildings at the campus in Sahari such as studying halls, transporting means, administrative offices, laboratories, and others with keeping the social distance as well as all the precautionary measures have been taken in the campus of New Aswan City which includes 6 faculties : Arts-Medicine-Archaeology-Dar Al Uloom-Law- Commerce and in the near future will include faculty of tourism and faculty of dentistry; the university works on applying the e-learning and hybrid system to reduce the intensity of students’ attendance and specify two days for each batch from the batches of the theoretical faculties, with taking into consideration applying all the precautionary measures in the headquarters of six faculties at the different areas of Aswan Governorate, for ensuring the safety of students and applying the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the Supreme Council of Universities.

The university president explained during the previous period the University Hostels have been prepared by carrying out a lot of  maintenance and repair works for the buildings of the university hostels as well as making periodic maintenance for the buildings, while permanent integrated medical clinic has been set in the building of Sahari from the previous year and working developing it permanently and providing it with drugs and the medical requirements in cooperation with the medical administration in the university, with communicating Fiber ( Internet) link  from the administration of the university to the hostel building in Sahari and the administration of hostels.

As well as creating internet rooms in each building for helping students on studying and communicating with the e-learning platforms, Dr.Ahmed Ghallab indicated to the installation of a number of desert air conditioners in studying halls at the buildings, and complete the other buildings is under way; as well as finishing from renewing an entire apartment building at the Sahari Hostel for the only excellent girls students with taking into consideration applying all the precautionary measures from measuring the temperature of students, wearing masks, and periodic check from the medical administration at the University Cities within the framework of the plan of the university to confront the emerging corona virus. 

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