Aswan University Prepares for the Academic Year 2021/2022

According to the ministry of higher education’s and the Supreme Council of Universities’ directions for the new academic year to start on 9th Oct. 2021, Aswan university acting president Prof. Ayman Mahmoud Othman declared that the university has prepared for the new academic year 2021/2022 regarding implementing the study plan in full swing as for maintaining dorms and study halls, disinfection works, abiding by the precautionary measures against COVID-19 and starting vaccination campaign targeting 37000 university members from the 1st of Sept.

   Prof. Ayman Othman added that the study will start on its scheduled date 9th Oct. along with students housing in university dorms and connecting study halls, students as well as academic staff to electronic platforms which were developed and connected with Aswan university information and communication center.

  He confirmed that the university has ended all preparations for the new academic year as for completing maintenance of university buildings and is implanting the SCU’s plan regarding periodic vaccination to medical staff.

  Moreover, the faculties started announcing course schedules following the decrees of the Supreme Council of Universities headed by Prof. Khaled Abd Al Ghaffar, minister of higher education and scientific research. Prof. Ayman Othman said that the university achieved advanced ratios in vaccinating students and academic staff in the first stage of vaccination. He added that the study will be face-to-face in all faculties while the faculties have the option to use e-learning as an additional study mean.

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