The Bride of the Nile family organized a celebration on the occasion of passing 6 years of the Faculty of Commerce, honored the graduates and superior students on Saturday, 9/3/2019 in the presence of :

-Prof. Mostafa Hassib- Dean of the Faculty of Commerce.

-Dr. Mohammed Abbas Barassi.

– Dr. Mahmoud Anbar.

– Dr. Ali Abdullah.

– Dr. Fawzi Atallah.

On Monday, 11/3/2019 the family celebrated with International Woman’s Day and honored the employees of the administrative building and the superior students in the presence of:

-Prof. Mostafa Hassib- Dean of the Faculty.

– Dr. Mohammed Abbas Al-Barsi.

-Dr. Asmaa Mohamed Ismail- Researcher in Criminal Law.

– Dr. Fatima Hossam El-Din Mohamed, Dean of the Technical Health Institute.

-Ms. Hanan Desouki- Interviewer and Member of the National Council of Women.

Ms. Eman Abdul Majid- Head of Costs and Budget Sector, Kema factory.

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