2020 Pioneer Initiative for the University Students

Bank of Egypt announces the launching of the pioneers’initiative 2020 within the initiatives of ”BM Academy” that started its event the past year by training nearly (1800) university students in the branches of the Bank of Egypt throughout the republic and the central sectors in the for attracting the qualified university youth for training and developing them to prepare them for working at the banking sector, fully the initiative will be activated by the Online Learning System.

It’s decided to launch the program this year in accordance with the special circumstances of the COVID- 19 for ensuring the completion of the precautionary measures in this field and to ensure the public interest and keep the health of all students who apply for this program. 

The applying door will be opened as of Monday 24\8\2020 until Thursday corresponding to 3\9\2020.

-Conditions of applying:

1-Have to be among the following sections whether the governmental or private universities:

-Faculty of Commerce (Accounting-Statistics-Management- Bank-Marketing-Investment and Fund-Human Resources-International Relationships-Markets and Financial Establishment).

-Faculty of Economy and Political Science.

-Faculty of Law.

-Faculty of Engineering.

-Faculty of Computer and Information.

2-The faculty have to be approved by the Supreme Council of the Universities.

3-The student has to be registered in the (first-second-third-fourth) batch.

4-The student has to get any of this grade (acceptable-good-very good-excellent).

5-Has to be passed the prescribed exams.

Steps of applying:

-The registration by the following link

-Fill all the personal data, in addition, attaching a photocopy of ID card- a photocopy of the university diploma or the registration certification if it’s possible, in knowing that the maximum size for the attaching file is 1 MB and the permissible extensions are(JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PDF).

*After ending the registration the logging in by the username (the e-mail that has been registered and the password) to follow the result of the applying then the beginning of entering the exam( the duration of the test will half-hour as of the beginning time) in the case of you meet the required conditions.

-After passing the exam, the scientific subjects will be studied.

-It’s entered into the final exams about the scientific subjects that have been studied.

-In the case of passing the exams, the system will be logged in to follow the certificate.

For more information click on the following link.


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