Aswan University President praises the role of the Armed Forces to enhance the sense of students’ loyalty

Prof.Ahmed Ghallab-Aswan University President said that within the fruitful and constructive framework between the armed forces and Ministry of Higher Education that is represented in Aswan University and the People and Military Leadership of the Defense Forces that are represented in the Management of the Armed Forces at Aswan University, in order to enhance the belonging and loyalty of the university’s sons towards the country and work on protecting our sons from the risks of the destructive thoughts and reach with them to the safe zone as there is a joint cooperation between the university and Military Educational Management to quality the graduated students throughout training courses to refine their belonging, loyalty and the country’s love.

The General. Ahmed Abdul Kader Ghazi- Chairman of the Military Educational Management added with the cooperation of Dr.Ahmed Ghallab Mohamed -Aswan University President the military education carries out  the protocol of the electronic courses as well as four courses have been done on the electronic platform of Aswan University, the course will be done through uploading  a number of lectures on the website of the university which are :

1-Wars of the fourth generation.

2-Drugs and its negative effect on the youth and the way of protection from it.

3-Rumors and its negative role in individuals and society.

4-Web net and risks of social media.

5-The role of the Armed Forces in the comprehensive development of the country.

At the conclusion of the course, the students have been evaluated throughout submitting research on one of the subjects of lectures that would be uploaded on the website of the university as well as there would be an electronic exam for students.

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