Faculty of Commerce organized introductory symposium on small projects and entrepreneurship

Headed by Prof. Ayman Othman, Faculty of Commerce-Aswan University-launched introductory symposium about services which is presented by The Medium, Small and Micro Enterprise Development Agency today, Saturday, December 11, about:

Small projects and projects ideas projects and the program of entrepreneurship and spread the culture of job idea in the future of Egypt 2030.

Attend by:

Dr. Hassan Amen-Dean of the Faculty

Mr. Ahmed Adly – Lending officer

Mr. Muammar Gaddafi _ responsible for non-financial services

Mrs. Fatima Karmi – one-stop shop official

The symposium dealt with providing training grants in the fields of entrepreneurship and project marketing through corporate contract chains, central, international and local exhibitions, training entrepreneurship programs, technical support for projects, registration of suppliers for project owners in the government e-portal, and the issuance of project licenses through the one-stop shop, in addition to a presentation Successful project models, and the Small Projects Law No. 192 of 2020.

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