Applying the hybrid education system at the beginning of the new academic year

Prof.Ahmed Ghallab-Aswan University President added that the plan aims to carry out the directives and instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Supreme Council of Universities by activating the system of the hybrid education with the highest capacity throughout working on a united platform for the university for ensuring don’t distract students and academic staff and the speeding of providing the technical support with the facility of following and evaluating, and working on reducing the intensity of students inside the headquarters of campus for preserving the health and safety of students, academic staff and their assistants and the employees of the different sectors, as well as working on achieving to the maximum benefit from the technological infrastructure in the university for serving the educational system optimally, working on helping students and parents reduce economic burdens through the E-learning; as well as the plan aims to apply the policy of the state in the digital transformation for installing the principals of smart-university by developing the technological system in the university. 

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